2009 Picnic Winners

Lions Club Drawing Winners

$7,500   Marvin Brobst - Beloit, KS

$2,500  Tavish, Katrina, Lexi and April Marshall - Tipton, KS

$1,000   Adrian Arnoldy - Tipton, KS

$1,000   Tipton Post Office Crew - Dana Hollerich, LeeAnna Bell, Max Pounds, Kent Koster

$1,000   Daryl Streit and Shari Streit-Warnow

$1,000   Kevin Neeman and Marc Dedriiti, Roland Park, KS

$500     Barbara Mick - Tipton, KS

$500     Theodore Becker - St. Paul, Minnesota

$500     Randy and Deb Hodges, Goodlettsville, TX

$500     Lance Wolters - Osborne, KS

$500    Gary Schneider and Neil & Judy Gasper - Tipton, KS

$500    Dr Mark Fesen - Hutchinson, KS

$500    Dave Ellenz - Tipton, KS

$500    Michelle Murrow - Tipton, KS


$25 Donation Drawing Winners

$1,000  Kevin Emerson - Salina, KS 

$500    Katie Wolver - Erie, CO 

$200    Mary Streit - Tipton, KS 

$100     Leon Krier - Beloit, KS 

$100     Christine May - Tipton, KS 

$100     Rita Schroeder - Tipton, KS 

$100     Adrian Arnoldy - Tipton, KS 

$100     Michelle Ellenz - Tipton, KS 

$100     Curtis May - Tipton, KS 

$100     Troy Tonne - Tipton, KS

$100     Stan Muths - Tipton, KS

Wheat Raffle

1/2 Ton Fertilizer   Steve Schroeder

Showme Light       Colette Arnoldy

Cordless Drill        Steve Schroeder

Kids Drawing Winners

1st Prize:  6V Battery Operated utility TRACTOR Hannah & Mckenzie Workman - Lantana, TX 

Donated by:  Carrico Implement-Beloit, Lincoln, Hays


2nd Prize:  NEW HOLLAND PEDAL TRACTOR  Karen (Lix) Reedy - Concordia, KS 

Donated by:  Farm Implement & Supply Co., Plainville


3rd Prize:  1026 GOLD EDITION PEDAL TRACTOR   Isaac Palen - Tipton, KS 

Donated by:  Jewell Implement, Jewell


4th Prize:  JOHN DEERE MIGHTY TRIKE   Hannah Schroeder - Tipton, KS 

Donated by:  Smith County Implement, 
Smith Center & Phillipsburg, KS

Adult Drawing Winners

1st Prize:  9 ft by 12 ft TREB Shed    Bertie Hake - Tipton, KS

Donated by:  TREB Construction, Tipton


2nd Prize:  42" Flat Screen Plasma TV   Dorothy Katsitiannis - Tipton, KS

Donated by:  Osborne Office & Electronic Source

Ellenz of Tipton, Central National Bank, Tipton

Great Plains Mfg. Inc., Tipton

Tipton Service Center, Tipton Lumber


3rd Prize:  Quarter Side of Beef  Karen Pahls - Beloit, KS

Donated by:  Streit Brothers, Tipton

Processing donated by: Heartland Choice Meats, Beloit, KS


4th Prize:  Nuvi 255W GPS   Joe Hollerich - Tipton, KS

Donated by:  Oak Creek Building & Design, Inc.



St Ann's Sewing Winners


1st Prize: Beautiful Handmade Quilt

Nancy Streit, Downs, KS


2nd Prize: Place Mats

Rose Emerick, Ridgway, PA


Quilted Wall Hanging:  Travis Bunker, Palm Desert, CA


Baby Quilt:  Kim Ellenz - Tipton, KS


2020 Tipton Alumni and Friends

Tipton, KS