2005 Picnic Winners

Lions Club Drawing Winners

$7,500  Mike Budke ('65), Tipton and Conrad Jacobs ('51), Minnesota

$2,500  Don and Mary (Schmitt '88) Read, Arkansas City, KS

$1,000  Mark and Amiee (Corpstein '90) McDaniel, Salina, KS

$1,000  Lester Ellenz ('73), Tipton

$1,000  Jill (Arnoldy '84) Hodgkinson, Pratt, KS

$1,000  Mike Budke ('65), Tipton and Conrad Jacobs ('51), Minnesota

$500    Ed Corpstein ('54), Tipton, KS

$500    Gennie Brown, Beloit and Mary Ann Roberts, Beloit

$500    Pat Corpstein ('77)

$500    Van Timbers, Bob Becker ('63), Neil Schulte ('71) , Kenda Nichols, Gene Schmitt ('57) and Ron Schulte

$500    Adrian Arnoldy ('65), Tipton

$500    Jim Marshall, Tipton and Gilbert Meyers, Downs

$500    Keith Houghton, Tipton

$500    Leon ('69), Rita and Kurstan ('97) Schroeder, Tipton, and Doug Brundgart


$25 Donation Drawing Winners

$1,000 Francis Krier ('69), Tipton 

$500  Jim Heit 

$200  Rob Johnson, Colorado 

$100   Irene Keller, Dodge City 

$100   Barb Mick, Tipton 

$100   Colette Arnoldy, Tipton 

$100   Vern Miller ('76), McPherson 

$100   Pam Krier, Tipton 

$100   Craig Gasper ('87), Tipton 

$100   Lanette Brummer, Nevada

Kids Drawing Winners


1st Prize: John Deere Jeep                                    Reaganne Barker

Donated by:  Carrico Implement, Beloit, Lincoln, Hays


2nd Prize: John Deer Pedal Tractor                      Tray Heit

Donated by: Carrico Implement, Beloit, Lincoln, Hays


3rd Prize: Case IH Magnum MX 255 Pedal Tractor    Grand Kids of Rick and Darla Koenigsman, Tipton

Donated by: Jewell Implement, Jewell


4th Prize: New Holland SMX Tuff Trike                   Gerry Brummer, Downs

Donated by: Farm Implement & Supply Co, Plainville 


5th Prize: John Deere Tuff Trike                               Laural Nelson, Omaha, NE

Donated by: Smith County Implement, Smith Center


Tipton Picnic Adult Drawing Winners


1st Prize: Lil' Tex Traeger Pellet Grill                Marian Bock, Ogden, KS

Donated by:   Klema Quality Meats, Beloit

 Central National Bank, Tipton

 Tipton Lumber, Tipton


2nd Prize: Bose Wave Radio/CD Player         Adrian Arnoldy ('65), Tipton

 Donated by: TREB Construction, Tipton

 Tipton Fertilizer & Chemical, Tipton

 Great Plains Mfg. Inc., Tipton


3rd Prize: Quarter Side of Corn Fed Beef        Neil Schulte ('71), Tipton

 Donated by: Streit Brothers, Tipton

 Processing Donated by:   Klema Quality Meats, Beloit


4th Prize: Battery Charger                                  Kim Ellenz ('91), Tipton

 Donated by: Carrico Implement, Beloit, Lincoln, Hays


St Ann's Sewing Winners


Baby Quilt  Anna Streit, Downs


1st Prize Beautiful Handmade Quilt

Phyllis and Harry Schmitt, Tipton


2nd Prize Quilted Wall Hanging

Mrs. Susie Fischer, Colorado